Electric Vehicle (EV) Destination Charging at Goldsborough Hall

Goldsborough Hall offers owners of electric vehicles various options to charge their electric car FREE for overnight accommodation customers who have booked directly with us.

Car charging bays will need to be reserved in advance with the car details, registration and charging requirements. Please note if you car requires any adapter leads to charge, you will need to bring these with you, as we do not currently stock or provide any. Please call the Hall on 01423 867321 in advance to reserve your space.

If you have not booked direct, but would still like to charge your car while visiting or having afternoon tea, there is a courtyard parking charge of £5 for the afternoon and £10 per day or per overnight to help subsidise the cost of the electricity.

Please note: Goldsborough Hall is a private royal stately home, that is open to pre-booked visitors, wishing to dine or stay. While we will do everything we can to help, to avoid problems please do not turn up expecting to be able to charge your car without pre-booking.

Charging Units

Tesla Vehicles up to 22kw per hour

We have installed 3x Type 2 Tesla Destination Charging stations that can charge at up to 22kw each. These have the Female Type 2 Mennekes socket on a 7.5m tethered cable to plug directly in to Tesla cars and charge them up at the maximum rate the car will accept. Please note they will only charge as quickly as the cars internal transformer will allow, which could be anything from 11kw for 30m to 22kw for 60m of range per hour of charge.

Type 2 Charging up to 22kw per hour

Most European makes of electric vehicle have a Type 2 Mennekes male plug connector built in to them. One of our Tesla charging points, will charge any vehicle that can accept the Female Type 2 Mennekes socket, or if you have an adapter lead for this. Our 7.5m long charging cable has a Type 2 Female socket, so some customers with Type 2 may still need to bring a plug to plug lead in order to adapt it to work for their car.

Other Charging options

We also have a 7kw Blue Commando socket with an extension lead, this can only be used at night for overnight charging and requires customers to bring an appropriate adaptor lead with them. All electric cars should come with an adapter cable to accept a 3 pin plug, charging at 3kw per hour. If customers bring that lead with them, the Hall has plenty of access for them to plug it in overnight, which should fully charge a small electric car.

Please note: All of the charging the Hall offers is AC only, so will only charge a vehicle at the max rate that the vehicles internal transformer will accept. The Hall does NOT currently offer DC, fast, CHAdeMO or Supercharging. Far Eastern makes of car and some others require a Type 1 socket so unless you bring an adaptor cable, this will not work.

Where are the charging points?

The electric charging points are accessed from the main front entrance to the Hall. Please park at the front of the Hall, where you will then be directed in to a private side courtyard where the chargers are located under covered parking bays or in an enclosed garage. The courtyard is closed at night for additional security.

Please call the Hall on 01423 867321 in advance to reserve your space.